Vlogging FAQs

Can the Sony Alpha 7 do time-lapse photography?

Yes, a time-lapse app is available from Sony's PlayMemories Camera Apps Store that works on the Sony Alpha 7 camera. The app also includes various modes that are optimised for different types of time-lapse photography such as 'Miniature' or 'Night Scene'.  

What is the lens mount type on the Sony Alpha 7 and are there lots of lenses to choose from?

The Sony Alpha 7 has an E-mount which is found on all Sony's mirrorless cameras. Yes, there are lots of E-mount lens to choose from, however, the E-mount specification is not fully mature and there are some holes in the lens line up. Fortunately, there are lens mount adaptors available that allow the use of lenses from other manufacturers on the Sony Alpha 7. 

One thing to note is that Sony's mirroless cameras come with either of two sensor sizes: APS-C or Full-frame (35mm). For Full-frame cameras, E-mount lenses with the designation 'FE' are the ones to use in order to get the most out of one's Full-frame camera.