Vlogging FAQs

Can the Panasonic DMC-G7 be powered from the mains?

Yes, the Panasonic G7 can be powered from the mains using separately purchased optional accessories. These are the Panasonic DC coupler DMW-DCC8 combined with the AC adaptor DMW-AC10E (both of which are shown below). The DC coupler fits into the battery compartment of the camera which in turn is connected to mains electricity via the AC adpator.

DC coupler DMW-DCC8

AC Adaptor DMW-AC10E

YouTube Videos: Panasonic DMC-G7

For a very detailed run down of almost all the technical features of the Panasonic G7 camera, check out the video below:

The Panasonic G7 does have some drawbacks when it comes to its use as a vlogging camera, check out the next couple of videos below to get a grip with the disadvantages of Panasonic G7: