June 2  

A new gadget has been designed making angling a stroll in the park ... or is it the sea! The Fish Call, as it is called, operates by simulating the sounds of fish that are feeding and is claimed to attract fish species of all kinds. The device is the creation of father-son team Jeff and Jack Danos, who themselves are novice fishermen. When Jack was 15, he and his father discovered what they refer to as a new sort of transducer that could make just about anything resonate. Several months of troubleshooting later and with the aid of a 3D printer has led to a milkshake-sized device that is destined for the angling market. Users simply press a button and then lob the device into the fish habitat where it resonates, replicating the sounds of feeding fish. This is claimed to sharpen the appetite of sea dwellers that can hear the device, attracting them and inducing them to nip at fishing lines, in the process helping you catch more fish than you otherwise would. The team has tested it out in both seawater and freshwater, and have caught some difficult-to-catch species like red fish and speckled trout with the device. The throwable tool can be anchored to the sea bed or it can be left to float on its own operating off a regular 9-volt battery which should last up to eight hrs.