March 7  

Qualcomm has recently released a few new specifics on its latest iteration of its chip for mobile devices, the Snapdragon 820. This new CPU, which is anticipated to start appearing in phones next year, will incorporate fast charging technology as well as the quickest LTE to date. Qualcomm has actually integrated an updated X12 LTE modem into its new CPU, providing LTE Advanced Category 12 in the downlink while the uplink features Category 13 . This will give download rates of as much as 600 Mbps while upload rates will be able to reach 150 Mbps. That's quick enough to stream a 4K video clip in both directions at the same time, and all that with a lot of bandwidth available for other operations. Qualcomm is also incorporating the 802.11ad starndard for WIFI, which although you're not able to use right now is likely to soon be taking over as the new common WIFI standard. The new CPU will also show radical changes in the amount of time it takes to charge mobile phones. Charging is one aspect where there is a great deal of development as of late and it has been a huge focus for rivals Samsung and Intel in recent times. It's no surprise then that Qualcomm has chosen this chip to incorporate its new Quick Charge 3.0, enabling users to charge a regular mobile phone battery to 80 percent capacity in 35 minutes. We should start seeing the Snapdragon 820 appear in phones 2016.