Bagel Smart Tape Measure

November 27  

Despite the fact that the traditional measuring tape is still a very useful device, that crinkled length of steel tape can sometimes not be the ideal tool for the job. And so Bagel was created to fill those niches better. Essentially, Bagel is a "smart" (as almost everything is these days) tape measure that provides three methods for measuring, integrated data storage, and a Bluetooth connection. The first mode of operation is called “String mode” and can be used to measure up to 3 meters in length, but instead of using a unwieldy piece of metal tape, Bagel uses a retractable length of string with measuring data presented on its integrated display. Unlike its metal counterpart, the measuring string can also be used precisely wound around the item to be measured giving a more exact measurement. The second mode of operation is useful if you have a distance greater than 3m but less than 10m to measure, and if you've only got a single hand available. Called “Wheel mode”, Bagel can be carefully rolled along a surface measuring the distance from the start of the roll to the end. Lastly, but by no means least, if you're attempting to gauge the distance to a place out of reach, then there’s the “Remote mode”, which uses both a built-in laser pointer (as a quick guide) and ultrasound to determine the distance from Bagel up to 5 metres away. Bagel has a USB port for charging and can run continuously for eight hours on a single charge. Measured dimensions can be stored in the system's on-board permanent memory, and the system can even capture a voice memorandum with each measurement to remind you of exactly what it was you were measuring at the time. Finally, all those measurements and memos can be sent by Bluetooth to your Apple or Android smartphone for later use. Bagel has been launched on Kickstarter recently and right now US $59 will currently get you a single unit with an expected delivery in November… if all goes to plan that is!