The Best Vlogging Camera Under £500

​For a budget limit of £500, you can get a good quality vlogging camera that can provide you with most of the features ​needed to make great online videos. Of course, ​there are cameras that cost more than £500, but as the price increases, the cost-benefit ratio starts to come down and raises the question of whether much more expensive cameras are really worth their extra cost. Some very good vlogging cameras are to be had in the £200 - £500 price bracket - we focus on those here.

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Good Vlogging Cameras Under £200

​There are a lot of cameras to choose from when looking for a vlogging camera so trying to decide on the right ​one to kickstart your vlogging career can be a ​difficult process. One way to make that decision easier is to set yourself a budget and then try to find the best camera below that price limit. In this article, we try to make that process easier for you by ​taking a closer look at ​the popular ​vlogging cameras below ​a certain price ceiling, in this case £200.

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Best Samsung Camera For Vlogging

A company that is well-known for consumer electronics is the Samsung corporation, however, it is not as well known that Samsung also makes a variety of cameras for both still photography and videography. In today's connected world, having a camera that can easily connect to other devices, such as a laptop, smartphone or TV screen is often a necessity and keeping to the same electronics brand can often more easily facilitate that connectivity. Since Samsung is a dominant player in the smartphone, laptop, and display screen markets, choosing a Samsung camera for one's vlogging endeavours and for maximum compatibility with devices that many already have in the home seems to be a natural choice. So what's the best Samsung camera for vlogging? Let's take a look.

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Best Nikon Camera For YouTube

​There are many​ cameras available today that can be ​considered vlogging cameras - so how are you supposed to decide on the best vlogging camera for you? One way is ​to​ choose your favourite reputable brand up front and then find their best camera on offer that you ​can afford. One of those reputable brands is Nikon - almost everyone knows their name and that they are experts in photography and camera production, that's because Nikon is a Japanese ​multinational  founded over 100 years ago with a rich history of making top-notch cameras.

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How to Build a Shed

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) home improvement and home repair are very popular, almost recreational activities in the western world today and many a DIY enthusiast has made his or her mark with online video on just about any home building project or home repair need out there. In fact, one has to wonder if the traditional tradesperson is perhaps an endangered species given that there is now an almost endless stream of instructional DIY videos that can be followed by almost anyone with a little time and effort, and usually at half the cost of hiring a professional contractor. Of course, the availability and use of the building tools themselves do also present another obstacle to doing the job oneself, but then again the internet has come to the rescue with whole websites dedicated to figuring that out too. Even choosing the right tool for the job has led to dedicated websites that can help you make even that decision. Unsurprisingly, from this ocean of DIY home improvement videos have emerged specialised video channels dedicated solely to the art of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ home repair and renovation. HouseImprovements is one of the most popular ones with this particular video the first in a series about how to build a garden shed amongst the channel’s most popular! Who would have guessed that so many people needed to build a shed?

Rocky Mountain High

Over the last few years, LED systems have led to debate in the growroom. The fundamental issue: Do they really work? LED lighting undoubtedly deliver on power savings and produce less heat compared to high-pressure sodium and metal-halide lamps (click on the link for an in-depth review of LED Grow Lights), however the majority of seasoned gardeners continue to be unconvinced. Perhaps the LED setup at Rocky Mountain High dispensary in Denver, Colorado will reform a handful of hearts. Chief growing publisher Danny Danko check outs this outstanding LED operation.


Ion Torrent Systems

Ion Torrent Systems uses a brand-new strategy to DNA sequencing, making it a lot faster, less complex, and even more cost effective than ever before. In contrast to alternative sequencing systems, Ion Torrent devices sequence DNA with a semiconductor chip, just like the semiconductor in your electronic camera. Although the microchip your electronic camera has a sensing level blanketed with countless pixels that decode light into electronic data, an Ion chip has countless wells covering those pixels. Any time a nucleotide is actually combined into an one strand of DNA, a hydrogen ion is produced. This is exactly how the Ion Torrent system decodes DNA, by reading this synthetic modification straight into the well on the chip. Essentially, each well functions as the tiniest pH meter ever made.

The Fish Call

A new gadget has been designed making angling a stroll in the park … or is it the sea! The Fish Call, as it is called, operates by simulating the sounds of fish that are feeding and is claimed to attract fish species of all kinds. The device is the creation of father-son team Jeff and Jack Danos, who themselves are novice fishermen. When Jack was 15, he and his father discovered what they refer to as a new sort of transducer that could make just about anything resonate. Several months of troubleshooting later and with the aid of a 3D printer has led to a milkshake-sized device that is destined for the angling market. Users simply press a button and then lob the device into the fish habitat where it resonates, replicating the sounds of feeding fish. This is claimed to sharpen the appetite of sea dwellers that can hear the device, attracting them and inducing them to nip at fishing lines, in the process helping you catch more fish than you otherwise would. The team has tested it out in both seawater and freshwater, and have caught some difficult-to-catch species like red fish and speckled trout with the device. The throwable tool can be anchored to the sea bed or it can be left to float on its own operating off a regular 9-volt battery which should last up to eight hrs.

Simbe Robotics

Simbe Robotics announced today a shop inventory robot that is able to drive around retail stores with the sole task of seeing to it that shelves are properly stocked with merchandise. This promises to reduce manual labor costs as well as missed income from customers who fail to find what they are looking for due to improperly stocked shelves. The robot, called Tally, features an assortment of sensors that allow it to navigate autonomously around a shop while at the same time scanning shelf inventory information. It primarily identifies out-of-stock and low-stock shelf items, but it can also respond to merchandise that has been incorrectly placed as well as any pricing anomalies. Unfortunately, it can’t yet deal with any of the issues that it does find, instead delivering information and suggestions back to store employees via the cloud. Tally also does not require any special physical shop layouts to carry out its task and can even work while consumers are going about their daily shopping, returning to its recharging station when it needs to. Monitoring stock levels can be a labor-intensive activity, and it is usually difficult to do reliably, so having a robot take over the responsibility is an ideal solution.

Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm has recently released a few new specifics on its latest iteration of its chip for mobile devices, the Snapdragon 820. This new CPU, which is anticipated to start appearing in phones next year, will incorporate fast charging technology as well as the quickest LTE to date. Qualcomm has actually integrated an updated X12 LTE modem into its new CPU, providing LTE Advanced Category 12 in the downlink while the uplink features Category 13 . This will give download rates of as much as 600 Mbps while upload rates will be able to reach 150 Mbps. That’s quick enough to stream a 4K video clip in both directions at the same time, and all that with a lot of bandwidth available for other operations. Qualcomm is also incorporating the 802.11ad starndard for WIFI, which although you’re not able to use right now is likely to soon be taking over as the new common WIFI standard. The new CPU will also show radical changes in the amount of time it takes to charge mobile phones. Charging is one aspect where there is a great deal of development as of late and it has been a huge focus for rivals Samsung and Intel in recent times. It’s no surprise then that Qualcomm has chosen this chip to incorporate its new Quick Charge 3.0, enabling users to charge a regular mobile phone battery to 80 percent capacity in 35 minutes. We should start seeing the Snapdragon 820 appear in phones 2016.

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