Sony Alpha 7 II

Vlogging FAQs

Can the Sony Alpha 7 II be operated from mains electricity?

Yes, the Sony Alpha 7 II can be powered from the mains using the optional accessory AC-PW20 AC adaptor which is purchased separately.

​AC-PW20 AC Adaptor

What video formats can I shoot in?

  • ​XAVC S
  • ​AVCHD
  • ​MP4

Can I play a recorded video (located in camera memory) ​via Wi-Fi ​on an external monitor ?

​No, you can only play a video that is located in the camera memory on an external monitor via the HDMI wired connection.

Can I transfer a recorded video over Wi-Fi to an external device ?

​Some. Most video files can be transmitted wirelessly over Wi-Fi to a specific computer set up before hand using ​Sony's PlayMemories Home app. However, XAVC S formatted video files cannot be transferred wirelessly to another device, th​is can only be achieved through a wired USB connection.

Can the Sony Alpha 7 II connect to an external display for live video?

Yes, the Sony Alpha 7 II has a​ HDMI micro connector (Type D), which can be used to connect to a external ​monitor providing real time video and a clean HDMI output.

Can an external microphone be connected to the Sony Alpha 7 II?

Yes, the Sony Alpha 7 II has a 3.5mm Stereo mini jack for external microphone attachment.

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