Nikon 1 J5

​Vlogging FAQs

​​Yes, the ​Nikon 1 J5 can be powered from the mains using separately purchased optional accessories. These are the ​Nikon ​​power connector ​EP-5F combined with the AC adaptor ​EH-5B (both of which are shown below). The ​AC adaptor connector fits into the battery compartment of the camera which in turn is connected to mains electricity via the AC adpator.

​AC Adaptor Connector EP-5F

AC Adaptor EH-5B

​YouTube ​Videos: ​​Nikon 1 J5

​Although the camera is capable of shooting video in 4K, it can only do it at a frame rate of 15 frames per second which is too low for the kind of video quality that YouTube viewers expect.