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Sony DSC-RX100

​​Sony  DSC-RX100 (the original or ‘Mk I’)​The Sony DSC-RX100 is another camera in the Sony line up that have been designed for the everyday vlogger. The DSC-RX100 actually has several different versions  including the original (commonly referred to as the Mark I), the Mark II, the Mark III, the Mark IV, and the Mark V, […]

Sony DSC-WX500

​Sony DSC-WX500 – Front​The Sony DSC-WX500 camera is one ​of a line of high-quality Sony cameras that have been designed specifically for the vlogger. It has almost all the characteristics that one wants in a vlogging camera. First off, it shoots video in 1080p Full HD, the defacto standard of today’s display screens, and it […]

Best Samsung Camera For Vlogging

A company that is well-known for consumer electronics is the Samsung corporation, however, it is not as well known that Samsung also makes a variety of cameras for both still photography and videography. In today’s connected world, having a camera that can easily connect to other devices, such as a laptop, smartphone or TV screen […]

Best Nikon Camera For YouTube

​There are many​ cameras available today that can be ​considered vlogging cameras – so how are you supposed to decide on the best vlogging camera for you? One way is ​to​ choose your favourite reputable brand up front and then find their best camera on offer that you ​can afford. One of those reputable brands […]

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